Hi Internets!

Help me figure out what artwork I own, who the artists are/were, and how much its worth.


The Story

After we were married, nearly seven years ago, my wife and I were at a party at the house of friends of my wife's family. Well, a house they had bought to tear down, and--along with the house already owned next door--build a big mansion (they're rich). We both remarked that we liked some of the artwork they had hanging up, and they said: Oh, that belonged to the previous owners (note: also rich); you can have it if you want. And so we got a lot of art (except a few Georgia O'Keefe prints). We acquired some more at flea markets and the like, so--to paraphrase what someone once to Picasso--about half the art in the house we know nothing about, except that we like it. So we need your help to figure it out.

Full Size Shots
  1. Asian Mountain Print
  2. Ports Far Shot
  3. Ports Close Up
  4. Ports Signature
  5. Wedding
  6. Wedding Signature #1
  7. Wedding Signature #2
  8. Flea Market Lady



So, I've identified the following, thanks to the interwebs:

#8, the Flea Market Lady, is The White Clown by Marc Chagall. A print goes for between $150 and $400.

#5 - #7 is by Alain Raya Sorkine, a pseudonym for French artist Alain-Francois Bouvier de Cachard. The print goes for between $250 and $750.